Dare To Love_Digital Cover.jpg

Dare to Love

by Celia Chavez


Produced by Jeffrey Babko

All music and lyrics by the artist (C)2017 Pequeña Maquina Music (ASCAP) All rights reserved.

Lead and backing vocals -- Celia Chavez

Keyboards - Jeffrey Babko

Guitars - Chris Bruce

Bass - Bob Glaub

Drums and percussion- Victor Indrizzo 

Bass vocal on Track 1 - Simon Petty


Engineered by David Davis at Bandhouse, Los Angeles CA

Engineered, mixed and mastered by John Paterno at Music Da Foz, Culver City CA

Photography by Rockstars and Babies www.rockstarsandbabies.com/

Design by Beth Barbaglia and Andrew Hossom  (P) 2018 Celia Chavez