Celia Chavez grew up in Seattle, the only daughter of a single mother of three. Her favorite childhood escape was into a world of album sleeves and liner notes, her headphones perpetually plugged into 8-tracks, Walkmans and radios. Despite studying music with the intent of becoming a professional performer, she married young and spent her early adulthood holding down a cubicle job with a long commute while her musical ambitions faded into the background. After a decade of feeling artistically stifled, her turbulent marriage came to an end. She began singing again and found solace through songwriting, deciding to move to New York City to begin her life as a full time musician.

Tirelessly, she sang her way through upstate weddings and Lower East Side clubs, and practiced her craft backing up other songwriters on weekday evenings. She sang radio and TV jingles, learned guitar to accompany herself and tested out new songs in small clubs. Years later, Celia has gradually transformed from couch-surfing starving artist to international performer who has quietly apprenticed twenty feet from the stardom of artists such as P!nk, Brandon Flowers, Melody Gardot and Julia Fordham. Her current, featured role in the touring band for Enrique Iglesias has thrust her into the international spotlight as his romantic duet partner.

Now, with this collection of self-penned songs, Celia returns to the organic musical sounds of her youth. In collaboration with producer Jeff Babko, "Dare to Love," is a six-song EP that retains the flavor of 1970's Laurel Canyon: wistful lyricism tempered by Celia's unique clarity of vocal delivery. 

Artist and producer wanted to create a love letter to the world to offer comfort in times of uncertainty, compassion in times of division. These songs express different ways to hang on to love and faith despite seemingly hopeless odds, and they display the tenacious drive to overcome all impediments so beautifully reflected in the story arc of Celia's life.