DARE TO LOVE -- New EP now available online!

Dare To Love_Digital Cover.jpg

It gives me great joy to announce that my newest release, “Dare to Love” — a six song EP produced by Jeffrey Babko — is finally available everywhere online! Here are a few links:

On Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Dare-Love-Celia-Chavez/dp/B076KM29VF/

On iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1303626771?ls=1&app=itunes

On Spotify: spotify:album:1OmOotbKRwenNewr6Wp689

Jeff gathered an amazing band who played with equal parts deftness and elegance: Chris Bruce on guitars, Bob Glaub on bass, Victor Indrizzo on drums and percussion, Simon Petty on backing vocals, and Jeff on keyboards. We found we shared a mutual wish to send some music out into the world to deliver a message of comfort in times of uncertainty, compassion in times of division, harmony to dispel the dischord. These songs express different ways to hang on to love and faith despite seemingly hopeless odds, and my hope is that they encourage the listener to tap into any desire of their own to be a champion of joy and connection in the world. 

It’s a return to my musical roots, to the sounds I grew up with in headphones perpetually hooked into my mom’s 8-track hi-fi and turntable, my beloved red plastic transistor radio, and my Walkman. I was thrilled that Jeff tuned into my love of the singer-songwriter musical vernacular of the 1960’s and 70’s that easily wove in and out of funk, folk, jazz and rock, all the while couching the lyrics in a bed of groovy rhythm and fluid melody. It doesn’t hurt that my now decade-long residence here in coastal California has added a sunny Laurel Canyon color to the songs. 

To come full circle with that idea, Jeff and I have decided to release this EP as a vinyl record as well, as it was recorded in an old-school organic way, all of us in the studio together, and the sonic warmth of the band will be luscious to listen to with a traditional analog spin. Look for news on a presale soon with vinyl release in the early part of 2018. 

So, please click on the links above to go to iTunes and have a listen. If you like it, please write a review, these things help, and I’ll be most grateful.

And if you use Spotify, please add a song that you like to a playlist, that is helpful too!