On the Verge

It's full-on.

That feeling of dread when I am on the verge of releasing a new record. Proud of every moment on it, and it has to come out like a child, even though there are millions of children in the world already.

I know full well perhaps no one will care that there is this one more child in the world, nor about her delicate uniqueness, nor her combination of characteristics that make up her vivacity and strength.

And yet...

This is MY child, conceived within a family of exquisite artists, soul-doctors and music-midwives. Even if no one is looking or listening, she will be born, she will wail loudly from toes to heaven, and she will beautiful.

"Dreamland" becomes Skype Moji for Valentine's Day

It's all about love... just in time for Valentine's Day you can find a snippet of my song "Dreamland" as the soundtrack of an animated "Moji" which, as Skype says... "Our vision was to treat our Mojis as a gift, something you unwrap. Each Moji follows our two characters through different stages of love and is accompanied by an existing track from one of Rogue Octopus’s talent artists."

Check Skype's blog post about the V-Day Mojis HERE

Look in the lower right hand corner of your message window as you're sending Valentines to your faraway loves. My icon looks like a red heart in a blue box, and my name and song title "Dreamland" will be listed too.

It's free, and sweet, and zero calories. Happy Valentine's Day all!