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Celia takes a unique, playful approach to guiding singers to greater skill and confidence in their harmony singing in this hybrid of a masterclass and bootcamp. Space is limited to a maximum of 10 participants so each singer receives personalized, individual attention. She brings her passion for vocal harmony and decades of experience as a professional touring and session vocalist, section leader, songwriter and vocal arranger to each  workshop. Whether you sing for a living or for personal enjoyment, you will gain tools to strengthen your harmony skills in this playful, non-judgmental setting.




Confidence, expression, persuasion, power, precision, endurance -- mastery of these vocal qualities is desired by both singers and speakers. For presentation professionals, performers, anyone seeking ways to utilize their voice to engage and influence an audience, Celia uses her experience as a vocal professional to coax a stronger, more confident speaker out of each student.



Setting the non judgmental tone and demonstrating that EVERYone can sing harmony was the best introduction...Since I've always just gone on instinct and maybe the most basic theory, and often times I'm tentative  -- this workshop gave me foundation and some core understanding. So the difference is -- I feel like I have a few new tools and listening skills. But want to do more!   

-- Lisa K, Harmony at Play student

Celia Chavez is an artist and alchemist. Her deep understanding of the theory and practice of vocal harmony makes her a unique force to be reckoned with. Whether in the studio, coffee shop, or on stage at Madison Square Garden, she elevates every performance with her uncanny ability. It has been a privilege to work with her and glean wisdom from her years of experience.

-- Jeremy Little (Producer, recording artist, songwriter, Jingle Punks)


I've had the pleasure of working in the music business for many years and in many ways.  In the last 15 years the majority of my work has been focused on live performances and more specifically as a drummer, band leader/musical director for a variety of artists. While I respect a musician's talents and skills due to their hard work and dedication, there is nothing more rewarding for me than working with this kind of talent that excels at blending and finding that magical chemistry as it applies to working with other musicians. I was on the lookout several years ago to find this kind of lead and background singer for the Enrique Iglesias touring band and found Celia Chavez. I've found in my years of experience that the cream rises to the top and after speaking with several colleagues about their recommendations, Celia's name was the first name to be brought up. After having the pleasure of touring these last several years with Celia in just about every circumstance imaginable, I would put her at the top of an already tiny list of people when I comes to musicality, talent, blending, professionalism, creative spontaneity, collaboration and all with a sense of caring about her touring colleagues. 

-- Van Romaine (Musical director for Enrique Iglesias)